Affording New Oxford Collegiate Academy

Education is an investment – both for our families and for our school. We are committed to providing our students top-rated faculty, curriculum and teaching resources to prepare them for their future.  The average cost for private high school tuition in the United States is $15,490 per year (  By thinking creatively, and offering instruction in a technology-enabled mode, New Oxford Collegiate Academy is able to reduce the average tuition by 40%.  We are also fortunate to have a growing scholarships fund to help close the gap between the costs of attending and a family’s ability to pay.

Financial Aid

Financial aid resources are need-based and require a completed Financial Aid application.  For the 2023-2024 academic year, the necessary financial aid application will be made through the National Association of Independent Schools, School and Student Services (SSS).  Awards are based on the demonstrated family need outlined in the Parents Financial Statement (PFS) issued by SSS as well as the academic and individual merits of the applicant.  If you believe your family needs Financial Aid for the 2022-2023 academic year, please indicate this on your student’s Application for Admission form and we will happily be in touch to discuss various options.

Payment Plans

In addition to Financial Aid, New Oxford Collegiate Academy provides several payment plan options to best meet the needs of our families.  If you would like to discuss payment plans please indicate this on the Application for Admission and we will happily be in touch to discuss these options with you.

Merit Awards

New Oxford Collegiate Academy awards merit scholarships based on academic achievement, demonstrated leadership skills, extracurricular strengths and other criteria.  Completion of our Application for Admission is all that is required for consideration for NOCA’s merit awards.


Annual Tuition: $9250 (or, alternatively, tuition per trimester: $3500)

Annual IT, Book & Lab Materials Fees: $1850