Important Dates for Academic Year 2021-2022:


Michaelmas Term (Fall)


     August 18 –

      Deposit for Fall Term or Annual Tuition Due,

      IT & Materials Fees Due


August 28th & 29th

      Orientation Meetings


September 6th & 7th

Tech Testing Days


September 13th

Start of Fall (“Michaelmas”) Classes



November 23rd – 27th  –

      Thanksgiving Break


December 8th

      School Holiday (Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception)


December 14th

      Tuition Deposit for Spring (“Hilary”) Term Due


December 17th

End of Fall (Michaelmas) Classes


Hilary Term (Winter)



January 6th & 7th –

      Spring Orientation Meetings


January 10th & 11th –

      Technology Testing Days


January 12th –

      Beginning of Winter (Hilary) Classes


February 21st – February 25th

      “Half Term” Break


March 19th

      School Holiday (Solemnity of St. Joseph)


March 24th

      Tuition Deposit for Spring (Trinity) Term Due


March 25th

      School Holiday (Solemnity of The Annunciation of the Lord)


April 8th

      End of Winter (Hilary) Classes



Trinity Term (Spring)


April 25th

      Beginning of Spring (Trinity) Classes


May 30th – June 3rd –

      Half Term Break


June 12th

      School Holiday (Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity)


June 13th

      End of Spring (Trinity) Classes


June 16th – June 27th

      Exam Weeks: Orals and Written

 (No Exams on Thursday, June 23rd, or Friday, June 24th)