Developed by college professors, we are the United States’ only high school to leverage modern communication technology to deliver a full, classical curriculum directly to our students’ homes, with face-to-face meetings every day of the week.

Like the earliest monastic learning communities which would become the University of Oxford, we are first and foremost—as a School and Faculty—a community of prayerful scholars and learning professionals.  A sense of calling to pass along what we have discovered to the next generation motivates our work as teachers.

We provide an Oxford-style, Catholic liberal arts education that prepares students for a world that needs faithful, intelligent and peerless thinkers, citizens, scientists, professionals, parents and leaders.


Delivering instruction directly to our students’ homes, we combine a Great Books, college-preparatory, liberal arts and science curriculum with Oxford’s matchless tutorial-based method of teaching and learning—the world’s oldest and most prestigious English-speaking university.

As a community, we aim to nourish our students with an environment that supports the sacred educational mission of the family, stimulating our students’ intellectual growth alongside the love and guidance of their parents.

Alongside our families, we seek to foster: intelligent faith, scientific and philosophical knowledge, intellectual and moral virtue, passion for learning, and joy in discovering faith and reason as beautiful and unshakeable foundations for a life well-lived.


Intellect—that part of the mind which the liberal arts perfect, enabling it to see reality for itself, in all its splendor.


Conscience—that part of the mind which applies knowledge to practical action, guiding us to our ultimate happiness in God.


Virtue—excellent habits of mind and character produced by devotion to truth, wisdom, the love of God and neighbor.

The Tutorial System

At New Oxford Collegiate Academy, we use a technology-enabled, face-to-face environment to bring the classical and highly effective tutorial system of Oxford to the student’s closest and most natural learning environment—the comfort of their own home.

Each student receives an unmatched 2:1 or 3:1 student-to-teacher ratio in the classroom, where they can be active and engaged learners.  This approach makes advanced learning possible for each student.  Students experience the same educational approach that formed St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Thomas More, St. John Henry Newman, John Locke, Adam Smith, Dorothy Sayers, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien.

It isn’t just a historically rich educational model of the past—it is deeply important, and even necessary, in the current day.  We count it an honor and privilege to extend this education to our students—making an effective, truly classical education available to our families in an ever-changing, contemporary context.