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Restoring Education's Roots | Intellectus Virtus Conscientia

A Liberal Arts High School Education at Home

We are an independent Catholic liberal arts high school that delivers excellent, Oxford-style tutorial teaching to students in their homes. Our unique approach restores a truly classical tradition of education to American families.  

Developed by college professors, we are the United States’ only high school to leverage modern communication technology to deliver a full, STEM-rigorous classical liberal arts and science curriculum directly to our students, person-to-person, with meetings every day of the week.


Intellectus: that part of the mind which the liberal arts perfect. The intellect enables the mind to see reality for itself, in all its splendor.


Conscientia: that part of the mind which applies knowledge to practical action. A well-formed conscience guides us to our ultimate happiness in God.


Virtus: excellent habits of mind and character produced by devotion to truth, wisdom, the love of God and neighbor.

"We are not an 'online school.' We are a learning community that leverages technology intelligently"


An unmatched, Oxford-standard 2:1 or 3:1 student-to-teacher ratio


Curriculum of classical liberal arts and sciences: Latin, Logic, Rhetoric, Advanced Mathematics, Classical Philosophy and Theology


Most teachers hold a Masters or PhD in their subjects

Socratic Seminars

Weekly participation in Socratic seminars, developing skill in group debate and discussion

Great Books

Learning by interaction with the greatest minds of the Western classical tradition: Plato, Augustine, Aquinas, Shakespeare, Newman

University Lectures

Exclusive lectures from university professors and visiting lecturers from a variety of industries

A Liberal Arts High School Education at Home

Remote Learning

“Online school” connotes that most learning is done in front of a computer, or done in some way dependent on a computer. At New Oxford Collegiate, most learning and assignments are done off-line, away from a computer and then discussed face-to-face with teachers using cutting edge video-conferencing technology. We do not have “online classrooms” with many students listening to lectures, but rather host daily meetings between teachers (or “tutors”) and their students. We do not think of ourselves as an online school. Rather, we are a learning community that leverages technology intelligently.

Oxford-Style Learning

Our college-preparatory, Great Books curriculum combines liberal arts and science with tutorial-based teaching – the matchless method of learning founded at Oxford, the world’s oldest and most prestigious English-speaking university. 

Like the earliest monastic communities of learning which would become the University of Oxford, we are first and foremost a community of prayerful scholars. Our devotion to learning in community motivates our work as teachers.

The Difference

Our unique approach keeps instruction at an unparalleled 3:1 maximum student-to-teacher ratio. Consequently, education moves away from an industrial, one-size-fits-all method to a mentorship approach. Through mentorship, teachers are able to develop a thorough understanding of each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. Our teachers are able to focus on teaching, rather than on managing the classroom behavior of large groups of students. 

What do students say about their tutorial experience?

"The trust and familiarity which the tutorial system encourages between teachers and students permits a freedom of inquiry which a large classroom generally does not. It allows the student to ask questions which are deeper, more difficult, and perhaps more unfashionable. It demands not just instruction, but conversation between disciples."

"When rightly practiced, reason and faith become the solid foundation for the fullest possible life, intelligently and faithfully lived."
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